Our Products

BodyBrite products are for all skin types and needs.

Face Calming Lotion

BodyBrite Face Calming Lotion – Soothe and restore nutrient-rich moisture to your skin. Daily use refines fine lines and improves skin’s tone and texture.  Combines the benefits of aloe vera, camellia, evening primrose and cranberry seeds, ingredients that work together to intensify the process of regeneration and cell growth. No parabens are added to BodyBrite products.


Rose Hip Skin Conditioner

BodyBrite Rose Hip and Aloe combines the benefits of aloe vera, evening primrose and cranberry seeds. These ingredients work together to moisturize, soften and regenerate your skin. It is not only great for the skin, but you will love the aroma. No parabens are added to BodyBrite products.


SPF 30

In todays environment, Sunscreen is a MUST. BodyBrite created an SPF 30 that can protect you from a broad spectrum of UVA/UVB Rays. Rose Hips and Aloe is added for skin conditioning and aroma. You’ll love the way it protects you. No parabens are added to BodyBrite products.


Day Cream

DermaOXY DAY Cream is used for daily protection against moisture loss. The content of hyaluronic acid, vitamins and minerals in the cream binds the moisture in the skin and supplements the skin’s natural content of hyaluronic acid. Green tea has been added to give a tightening effect. Together with DermaOXY Hydra Cream, your skin will receive all the necessary moisture and nutrition to make it fresh and healthy-looking. No parabens have been added to the DermaOXY products.


Eye Cream

DermaOXY EYE Cream reduces fine wrinkles around the eyes, adds and maintains the moisture. The EYE Cream has a high content of hyaluronic acid and tetrapeptide 7, which reduces bags and dark circles under the eyes. With a regular use of the EYE cream, you optimize the production of collagen in the skin cells, while the wrinkles are made smoother. No parabens have been added to the DermaOXY products.


Hydra Serum

DermaOXY HYDRA CREAM moisturizes the skin instantly. HYDRA has a very high content of hyaluronic acid that adds and binds moisture in the skin and increases its elasticity and softness. Using HYDRA facilitates the production of collagen, prevents the skin from aging and protects the skin cells from losing the moisture. Hydra works as a supplement to DermaOXY Day and Night cream.  No parabens have been added to the DermaOXY products.


Night Cream

DermaOXY NIGHT Cream is a nutritional and reinvigorating cream that reduces wrinkles and stimulates the production of collagen. This cream has a high content of hyaluronic acid to moisturize the skin, and Q10, vitamin E and green tea have been added to increase the natural energy of the skin and give it a tightening effect. NO parabens have been added to the DermaOXY products.


Exfoliating Scrub

EXFOLIATING SCRUB is a fantastic, mild, soft scrub that cleanses and conditions the skin effectively while adding nourishment. Essential grapefruit oil has been added, which contains sugar that works specifically to restore the moisture balance of skin. No parabens have been added to the DermaOXY products.


Teeth Whitening Pen

Powerful whitening in an easy-to-apply pen. With 36% Carbamide Peroxide gel, you’ll get the results you need with little to no tooth sensitivity. The pen is used for touch-ups and whitening maintenance Recommend use after a teeth whitening session to maintain and extend your Brite Smile.


Teeth Enamel Booster

Prevents and alleviates tooth sensitivity The enamel booster seals in whitening results by sealing out stains. It increases hardness of tooth enamel and makes teeth more resistant to abrasion and stains. Recommended for clients who experienced sensitivity during treatment and those who want a complete care package


Daily Whitening Toothpaste

Cleans and whitens better than tooth paste. Replace your tooth paste with your micro-foam for the whitest smile and freshest feel. Clinically proven to be good for the gums while proving anti-cavity protection.


Gift Card

Don’t know what to give a loved one! Why not give them the gift that will give them the pampering they deserve. BodyBrite Gift Cards come in all denominations and can be used for any occasion. You’ll feel good giving a gift they will LOVE!

BodyBrite Cap

We have a gift for everyone in the family. Men love our Baseball Cap’s too. They make great gifts for those hard to buy for loved ones and friends. Comes in two different colors, White or Grey.


BodyBrite Lip Balm

Moisturize dry chapped lips and help prevent sunburn with our BodyBrite 100% all natural water resistant soy lip balms with SPF 30. There are three flavors to choose from, unflavored, mint vanilla, and meyer lemon.



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